Delmar Marine Transport

is a an Egyptian Corporation founded in 1981 as a private owned firm operating as a Ships' Agent at all the major Egyptian Ports and for Suez Canal Transit. Head office is in Suez - Egypt. All contacts and accounts are handled centrally through employs shipping professionals who provide service to international standards has local expertise in Suez Canal Transits, Cargo Operations, Bunkering, Spare part etc.. Specialized in Tankers, Gas Bulk Carrier, Containers and other vessels understands the need for fast, accurate information and communications about the vessel and cargo Delmar Marine in the spot, with strong local connections and long experience in dealing with vessels problems owns representatives board every vessel to attend to the Master's requirements

Delmar Marine Transport for Assisting Oil & Gas Projects and Suez Canal Transit Company as open tonnage commercial License number 31386 issued in Cairo Egypt on 11/4/1997 with Capital of 3,000,000 US $ Tax Card Number 3610

Delmar Marine Transport is adopted the quality assurance certificate ISO 9001:2008 Certificate B.V Nr: IND 15.6307 U/Q

Associate/Affiliate/Subsidiary Companies 3 Independent companies form the organization of Delmar Marine Transport

* In Egypt:

Delmar Marine & Customs Works ( Suez, Port Said, Damiatta, Alexandria.
Delmar Marine Transport (Suez, Port, Said)

* In Italy:

Delmar Oil & Gas Services (Ravenna)
Our Subsidiary company Delmar Oil & Gas Services newly formed in Second quarter 2003 and Located in Ravenna, Italy handles procurement, logistics support for equipment and cargo transiting form northern Europe to the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf.

All 3 Companies are privately owned. Delmar Marine Transport is a company formed in the free zone and not subject to taxation